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Sharmila is by far the best osteopath I have ever come across. I have been coming to her for the last 10 years. Her hands are magic. She is thoughtful, kind and committed. I honestly could not imagine my life without her. Highly highly recommend.
Zarina Pasalic
Where was this girl when I needed her ? An amazing Osteopath with knowledge, empathy and definitely her sense of humor is brilliant. If she didn't make me laugh I would have had to cry with the amount of pain I endured for the past 26 weeks and during the 4 weeks of intensive treatment. She saved me from a potential surgery which i would've had if it wasn't for her being recommended by my friend. I did'nt believe him until I felt the difference she made to my mind and body. She's given me a 2nd chance to live my life pain free.
Ghajen Kanth
A beautiful minded healthcare professional with all the skills and more. When my GP and the NHS let me down, straightforward and to the point Sharmila gave me the options I had to save myself from losing my job because of Sciatica caused by my disc prolapse because of a car accident. It was a very interesting journey and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel very soon. She's my star and the moon :)
Taj Khalsi
This Osteo is a God send. Never knew theres so much to the human body. Sharmila diagnosed my years worth of severe pain in 1 minute, educated me about my ailments in 2 minutes and no, I didn't get cured in 3 minutes but 3 treatments is all it took her to tell me not to come back in a hurry. Fortunately found myself a DIAMOND who I know will cure the rest of me and confident enough I will avoid many A & E trips, GP visits and not to mention the drug dependent world we all live in.
Bhupesh K
I hurt my shin whilst running and needed help as just walking was aggravating it. The first session was really good Sharmila really listened to the problems and did an assessment. During the session she massaged and stretched my legs out and then showed me stretches and exercises to do at home. Within the first week (following the advice given) I was having no pain at all and in 2 weeks I was back running. Its been a couple of weeks now and I am still running with no problems what so ever. Definitely worth the money
Jenny Lloyd
I was recommended this clinic through a friend (who could not have had a better experience in osteopath treatment with Sharmila) after an injury. Within a short space of time I have seen a huge improvement. Sharmila takes a genuine interest in the welfare of her patients, gave me a proper diagnosis and worked wonders on my injury. I would not go anywhere else in the future. I have a better understanding of how to prevent future problems and felt reassured and taken seriously. I would recommend them to anyone.
Claire Henderson
Sharmila has been great! I started seeing her after hurting my neck which led to constant pain. Within two sessions the pain had lessened, and then disappeared and the follow up appointments have continued to work on my posture problems, a result of many years sitting at a desk and a computer. I would highly recommend her services.
Sarah Tanner
Sharmila is a very professional and knowledgable osteopath. Already after one treatment, my sciatica feels much better. I have suffered for nearly 4 years before this.Looking forward to the next session!
Amanda Pearson
Very professional! Spine is back to normal after just 3 months and regular exercise. Great service would recommend to everyone!
Shruti Mohan
A good experience with a top notch osteopath. Explained my problem so I could understand it and had a no nonsense approach and corrected my pain very quickly.
Sukhi Brar
Major back issues were addressed well. Highly recommended
Yash Koris
Excellent treatment. Best osteopath I have been to.
Neil Turner
I am very happy to have found the practice. I got my nerve pinched. The lady was able to pick me up quickly and handle it super well. Always my pleasure. Happy with Sharmila. Thank you very much
Herrscherin Kartiga
Great Service! I was lucky enough to meet Sharmila she’s got me back to normal in no time after six months of suffering with headaches. Only needed 2 treatments from her for the so called migraines I was diagnosed with by a consultant. Thanks Sharmila
Sathursan Sharvaswaran